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leadership team

As part of the leadership and launch team it was our desire to keep church simple and not make it difficult for those exploring who Jesus is and the life he offers. We want to put our faith into action by doing church for those who don’t do church.

We are excited to be a part of Milestone; to gather together with new people and some great music. Most of all we are excited about building up our community and the people around us, to show who we are FOR, and that’s you!

Jesus gave us the commandment “Love each other as I have loved you” so that is what we are going to do.

jan and aaron

leadership team

We are Jan and Aaron and we are part of the leadership team at Milestone. We have lived in Guelph our entire lives and we love our city and its community.

In 2018, we began dreaming of a church where...

•we’d keep it simple
•there’s no “weird factor”
•you can rock out to some awesome music
•we aren’t tied to “church every Sunday”
•we’d use everyday language and teachings that is relevant and applicable to our lives
•you’d feel at home

This is why we love our vision of Doing Church For Those Who Don’t Do Church. Whether you’re seeking, starting or returning to faith, we want to encourage people to explore who Jesus is and the life He offers.



leadership team

Being part of the Leadership Team allows me to work alongside some amazing people who love God and love serving the people of Guelph. We connually look for ways to make church more inving and comfortable, hoping to put those who might be unsure at ease and check us out.

Our heart’s desire is to provide an atmosphere that makes coming to church on a Sunday morning the

best day of the week. From when you drive up all the way to when we say goodbye we want you to feel welcomed and loved, just as Jesus does throughout His ministry.

Milestone Church is a place to call home;

A place where you can belong,

A place where you can grow,

A place where you can become all you want to be.

Come join us.

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I’m thrilled to be part of the Leadership Team for Milestone Church.

I was looking for a less traditional church, one that I could walk into and feel instantly comfortable. I believe that Milestone is the church I have been looking for - genuine, real, authentic (I know - they all mean the same thing but that’s how I feel about Milestone).

I have been reading and viewing Andy Stanley’s teaching materials for many years so I was pleased to see that Milestone was partnering with Andy’s ministry to provide meaningful messages that are clear and applicable to my daily life. I believe that Milestone is a beacon in the Guelph community where I and others can grow in their faith. I can’t wait to celebrate with you in person as we worship God with music and singing.

Dawn and GORD


We’re honoured to be part of this terrific group who are building Milestone. We are fully on board with its vision of “Doing church for those who don’t do church”. We see Milestone as a church that’s a great place to come to if you’ve never been to church, or maybe you haven’t been in a while or maybe you’re not even sure if church is for you. Regardless of your background, we invite everyone to join one of our small groups or to join us in-person!




We are thrilled to call Milestone Church home.

Being a part of the Leadership Team has been a real pleasure for us. Over these past few years it has been heartwarming to see others come on board as they have joined us in our vision of “doing church for those who don’t do church”.

Our mission “exploring who Jesus is and the life He offers” has resounded with many in our community who are exploring how faith can enrich their lives.

We look forward to meeting many people of multi-generations who call Guelph and the surrounding area their home.

We invite you to join us on this adventure.

At Milestone we are #FORGuelph.

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