There are almost 136,000 people living in the city of Guelph. Yet, there are over 40,000 people who still don’t know Jesus. In just 30 years, Canadians who said they had “no religious affiliation” grew from 8% to 24%.  

More than just statistics, these numbers have names. They are our friends, our neighbours, our siblings, our parents and our family. Did you know that more people are reached through starting new churches than any other way? 
So, we want to build the kind of church that reaches them. We don’t want to wait for them to wander into church, but instead, create the kind of church that they can’t wait to come to. We want to start a church that does church for those who don’t do church.

Will you join us?


Your support matters. We can’t do this without you. Your investment will change a person, a family and a city. Here are the ways you can help:


PRAY | We believe that God has given us a vision for Guelph. This won’t be easy, and we need God in all of it. Will you commit to praying for us?


GIVE | Church plants reach people who don’t know Jesus. Your investment goes directly to helping people find life in Jesus.


JOIN US | Teams that are united around a common vision can do incredible things. Join the team. Let’s reach our community together!